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Roofing solutions continue to drive the most daunting questions that we hear from homeowners today. It’s tough to know what decisions need to be made to get what’s right for a home. Cost Saver, located in Cincinnati, OH is a roofing replacement and service provider purposed to providing the best solution. The guide below seeks to remove some of the misconceptions we hear coming from the home improvement industry.

Types of Roofing and Shingles

New installations – It’s typical for homeowners not to replace their roofing structures unless they start leaking. By this time it is too late and the cost of total replacement goes up. This is due to the fact that by the time the roof starts leaking, structural damage will have occurred. There are several factors to determine whether a roof requires replacing. These include aged, misaligned, missing or cracked shingles.

Flat rubber roof – This type of roof provides a watertight solution to waterproof your house from leakages. Over the years leaking roofs have proved to be challenging. We offer a variety of flat rubber roofs from which a homeowner can choose. With this type of roof, leaks are easy to repair.

Metal Roofs – New metal roofing is a great addition to your home because not only does it offer great curb appeal, but it offers longevity, protection, fire resistance, and heat conduction.

Dimensional shingles – They can also be referred to as architectural or laminated shingles. In simple terms, they are asphalt shingles with a slight twist. Their sole purpose is to enhance the appearance of the house although more expensive than regular shingles.

Complete tear offs – This refers to the total removal of the old roof and replacing it with a new one. It is common for people to prefer the easier option of laying a new roof over the old. A complete tear off provides a more reliable solution.

Nail covers – Nail covers serve to seal exposed nail heads and prevent leakage of water down the stem of the pin. Plastic and metallic nail covers are available.

Drip edge – A drip edge directs water and ice to the gutters, preventing rainwater from running down the fascia and the formation of ice dams.

Gutter apron – These are placed under the roof deck on the ceiling edges and hang into the gutter. They ensure that rainwater flows seamlessly into the gutter.

Metal valleys – This is a seam that is placed whenever two planes of a roof meet. They direct the water from these two planes into the gutters.

Chimney flashing – It may be composed of cement or tar. Chimneys are a common weak spot for leaks, hence the need for a more suitable long lasting flashing.

Vent boot replacement – This is a headache for most homeowners. Wrong replacement techniques can lead to leakages along the edges.

Below are some advantages of choosing an excellent roofing solution from Cost Saver

Leak prevention – A good roof prevents leakage, thus ensuring comfort in the house. It also helps prevent mold from forming.

Attic ventilation – A good roof allows cold fresh air to enter the attic through the vents. It also evacuates the warm moist air from the house.

100% financing – Cost Saver works with your insurance company to provide low-interest financing.

Warranty – Warranties are available depending on the roofing structure.

Installation process – This process is insured and bonded. The firm also facilitates the process by providing factory trained installers.

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