Interior Painting: Tools of the Trade
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Essential Supplies for a Successful Project

Embarking on a painting project can be an exciting endeavor, but having the right tools is critical for achieving a professional and flawless finish. From brushes and rollers to drop cloths and painter's tape, we'll explain the purpose of each tool and provide recommendations for high-quality options. With the right tools at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to tackle your painting project with confidence and precision.

1. Brushes: The artist's tool

Brushes are the workhorses of painting projects, allowing you to apply paint with control and precision. Here are some essential brushes to have in your toolkit:

  • Angled brush: Ideal for cutting in along edges, corners, and trim work. Look for brushes with high-quality bristles that provide smooth application and clean lines.
  • Flat brush: Versatile for larger areas and smooth surfaces. Choose brushes with synthetic bristles for latex paints or natural bristles for oil-based paints.
  • Detail brush: Perfect for intricate work, such as painting trim, moldings, or small touch-ups. Look for brushes with fine bristles and a comfortable grip for maximum control.

2. Rollers: Smooth and efficient application

Rollers are excellent for covering large areas quickly and achieving a smooth and even finish. Consider the following roller options:

  • Roller frame: Choose a sturdy roller frame with a comfortable grip. Look for frames with adjustable handles that allow for easy maneuvering.
  • Roller covers: Select roller covers with the appropriate nap (the texture of the cover). For smooth surfaces, opt for short nap covers, while textured surfaces may require longer nap covers. High-quality covers will ensure even application and minimize lint shedding.
  • Paint trays: Use paint trays to hold and distribute paint evenly onto the roller. Look for trays with a disposable liner or built-in ridges that help remove excess paint from the roller.

3. Drop Cloths: Protecting Your Surfaces

Drop cloths are essential for protecting your floors, furniture, and other surfaces from paint spills and splatters. Consider these options:

  • Canvas drop cloths: Durable and reusable, canvas drop cloths offer excellent protection and absorbency. Look for heavyweight canvas for maximum durability.
  • Plastic drop sheets: Convenient and disposable, plastic drop sheets are ideal for quick and easy cleanup. Opt for thick plastic sheets that resist tearing.

4. Painter's Tape: Precise and clean lines

Painter's tape is a handy tool for achieving sharp and clean lines between different surfaces. Here's what to look for:

  • Blue painter's tape: Designed for use on walls, trim, and other painted surfaces, blue painter's tape provides clean removal without residue. Choose a tape with good adhesion and easy release properties.
  • Delicate surface tape: If you're working on delicate surfaces, such as wallpaper or freshly painted walls, delicate surface tape offers gentle adhesion and easy removal without damage.

5. Additional Supplies: Prep and clean-up

Don't forget these additional supplies to ensure a smooth painting process:

  • Sandpaper: Use sandpaper to smooth rough surfaces and remove old paint or imperfections before painting. Choose different grits depending on the level of sanding required.
  • Patching Compound: Fill in any holes, cracks, or imperfections in the walls using a high-quality patching compound. Smooth and level the surface before painting.
  • Paint Trimmer: A handy tool for cutting in along edges and corners, a paint trimmer provides precise application and clean lines.

Having the right painting supplies is essential for achieving professional and flawless results. But of course, if you want to ensure a successful project, the professionals at Cost Saver can get the job done right the first without any of the hassle. 

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